Pilotphase / Access Point Tanz (2022-2025) 

During the pilot phase “Access Point Tanz” in 2022–2025, the visions of the conception phase are to be put directly into practice through a clear programme of activities that create synergies, connect centre and periphery in every way, reveal the gaps on the map of dance education, and foster underrepresented forms of dance.

One of the findings of the conception phase was the need to find alternatives to the term “Tanzvermittlungszentrum”.

The pilot phase is called “Access Point Tanz”.

“Access Point Tanz,” sees itself as a decentrally organised structure that promotes equality and diversity, pools knowledge and resources, strengthens the periphery, expands networks, and creates synergies between institutional and individual education and outreach work. An organisation that opposes all forms of discrimination and promotes critical discussion on issues related to diversity and inclusion while challenging and altering existing hierarchies. It not only keeps an eye on hierarchies between diverse dance genres, but also deconstructs and rethinks organisational power relations on a structural level. In other words, an organisation that is inclusive – and, as far as possible, leaves no one behind. A centre that celebrates what we have in common.

In early March 2022, the concept paper for “Access Point Tanz” was submitted to the Berlin Senate to be assessed.

The timing and scope of the pilot phase activities, including the “Access Point Tanz” digital platform, will depend on the duration and outcomes of this assessment process.