Access Point Tanz is a digital platform that grew out of the conception phase for a Berliner Tanzvermittlungszentrum.


The platform has the dual function of:

  1. collecting and documenting what has been achieved during the conception phase (November 2021–February 2022)
  2. hosting, documenting and promoting the activities of the subsequent pilot phase (2022–2025).

In the pilot phase and moving forward, Access Point Tanz aims to become a digital go-to resource for the field of dance education and transmission in Berlin and beyond, providing both services and content, while fostering visibility and building networks.

A Note on the Translation of Tanzvermittlung

There is no single, adequate translation of the term Tanzvermittlung. Much of what the term encapsulates could be conveyed through “dance education”, but the conception of vermittlung (which can also be translated as “transmission” or “communication”) goes well beyond this. Particularly in the way that it is defined by this project, it spans a spectrum that includes dance workshops or classes (for children and adults alike), participatory, community-based projects, interactive forms of audience engagement such as artist talks, and even critical and academic engagements with the form. Essentially, everything that transcends the boundaries of the stage and engages with communities and society as a whole.


In light of this, we have decided not to translate the proper noun Tanzvermittlungszentrum, in an effort to reflect the full breadth of the concept. In the other texts gathered here, where we have translated the term vermittlung, we have deliberately chosen not to use just one translation, but rather switch between a suite of terms, such as education, outreach, community engagement, and the like. Mostly, for ease of reading, we have just used education, but it’s worth keeping in mind that this education is never limited to classes and workshops, but encompasses everything that allows people to deepen their experiences with and through dance and to connect these experiences with their everyday lives and their efforts to bring about social change.


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